7 Singers Who Became Successful Actors

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Many times the singers appeared on the screens of people not in a music video but in a movie. While some people were just happy to see their favourite singers making a flix, others are more curious about checking out their acting abilities. Not all singers got the opportunity for becoming an actor, but those who did were pretty good and were admired by the audience. Here is a list of singers who have had a successful career in acting as well.

Mandy Moore


Mandy Moore came out as a pop star to the world in the late ‘90s. Her debut song “Candy” was popular all over, but nowadays she is known more for her work in movies. She got nominated for Golden Globe for her leading role in This Is Us. She is among the more successful singers who became artists.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has been another successful singer turned actor who started his career from a boyband and today he co-stars with the likes of Clint Eastwood. His journey so far as an actor has been incredible with movies like The Social Network, Inside Llewyn Davis, and In Time.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has become more of an all-round celebrity with the skills of singing, dancing, and acting. She became a star as a singer and a dancer at the same time. She has had several moments of hers in acting, but her career as a singer often eclipsed her acting career, which still makes her a movie star.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a One Direction heartthrob who is currently working on to take a leap into the acting industry. From being a singer, Harry Styles has now successfully worked on his screen debut Dunkirk, getting a chance to work with the likes of Christopher Nolan.

Ice Cube

The famous NWA member known for he fierce attitude went on to make comedy franchises like Barbershop, Ride Along, and Are We There Yet? He is also known playing an agent role in 21 & 22 Jump Street where he made the audience love him even more for his angry face.

50 Cent

50 Cent

50 Cent has proved to be one of the gifted talents in both his rap career and acting. He has had success in both the industries due to his star-like attributes. From his cameo in Spy to the starring role in Starz’s Power, 50 Cent seems to be working more in acting projects recently.


Rihanna has recently been seen to make a jump from being a pop star to being an actress. She has done roles in Battleship and Bates Motel before. Now she is hoping to make a break in her career with movies like Valerian, Ocean’s Eight, and The City of a Thousand Planets.

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